Tuesday, November 2, 2010


how are you today? (skema, isn't?)
not much to type but just wanna share some cool facts about animals. Like ana always say(always ke???)  GOD'S CREATION IS THE BEST CREATION!

You know that the blue whale is the largest mammal that live on the Earth, right?It's heart size is the same as the small car and it's largest blood vessels are wide enough to allow adults like your mom and dad to swim in it!

Do you love shark?On average, sharks kill 10 humans every year.Approximately  100 people die each year when they are stepping on by cows.

Do you know that zebras actually is  white and with black stripes.

Insects do not make noises with their voices!
The noise of bees, mosquitoes and other buzzing insects is caused by rapidly moving their wings.

Do not underestimate hippopotamus as its weight is more heavier than us. Not all things or animals which have heavier weight cannot run faster than us. Hippopotamus can run faster than  a man!

Ants don't sleep. They always work and work and work.

Butterflies taste honey by their feet.

Did you know that fish talk to each other? Some of them communicate by making noises in their throats by rasping their teeth, and others use their swim bladders to make sounds.

Look at all living things create by ALLAH. They have their own capability which we cannot imagine! Praise to ALLAH as He has create us as the wonderful being.

Sebaik-baik ciptaan ialah manusia.....

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