Thursday, December 23, 2010

korean drama...


is it true that korean drama can make everyone feels REALLY addicted? haha! my mum who naturally doesn't like to watch dramas becomes addicted to KOREAN right now!

after watching 'Daring Women' Korean Drama, I become addicted to Korean too! I mean, REALLY....
and now mum really loves to watch My Girl...(although My Girl dah lame ditayangkan...)
and... ohohoho...Gong-chan memang handsome,kan?kan?
mum said that the girl who is a main character looks cute!
me:  sape? Yoo-rinkah?
mak:  ye lah.... tunang Gong-chan tuh taklah comel mane(she meant Hyun-sil, the tennis pro)
Hyun-sil kot name yer...